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Gough and Green

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Located next to the historic McElroy Octagon House at Union and Gough, this fenced-in park is frequented by dog owners and parents with children. It is beautifully landscaped with paths, trees, shrubs, flowers, benches, and grassy areas.

Allyne Park is owned by the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department.


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Map of Allyne Park

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Photo of Allyne Park
Photo of Allyne Park
Photo of Allyne Park
Photo of Allyne Park

Latest Observations

Id Date Entered Park   Location Condition Status
13811 09/13/2012 Allyne Park Entrance/Fences/Gates !! Broken/Damaged Closed - ParkScan addressed View
13466 11/04/2011 Allyne Park Dog Play Area Bare/Brown Areas Closed - ParkScan addressed View
11553 07/31/2009 Allyne Park Lawn Cleanliness Closed - ParkScan addressed View

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If you are interested in starting a park group for this site, please contact the Neighborhood Parks Council (NPC) at (415) 621-3260 or

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Muni access:

41-Union and 45-Union/Stockton -- Union and Gough Street stop. Walk south down Gough to the park.

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