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Stanyan to Great Highway

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Golden Gate Park stretches 3.5 miles from Stanyan to Great Highway and half-a-mile wide. There are plenty of paths on which to run, bicycle, skateboard, etc. There are numerous fields for almost any activity. There are many attractions such as the McLaren Lodge where you can pick up maps of the park, the Bison Paddock where bison herds have been grazing for over a 100 years, the deYoung Fine Arts Museum, the tranquil Japanese Tea Garden and so much more! Bathrooms are located throughout the park.

Golden Gate Park is owned by the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department.


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Map of Golden Gate Park

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Photo of Golden Gate Park
Photo of Golden Gate Park
Photo of Golden Gate Park
Photo of Golden Gate Park

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14753 03/19/2014 Golden Gate Park Court (basketball, handball, tennis etc) Other Closed - Previously reported View
14752 03/19/2014 Golden Gate Park Playfield (soccer, softball, baseball) Accessibility Problem Closed - ParkScan addressed View
14749 03/09/2014 Golden Gate Park Other !! Other Closed - ParkScan addressed View

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Muni access:

A great many lines feature access to Golden Gate Park.

18-46th Avenue
28-19th Avenue
44-O'Shaughnessy (stops at the Academy of Sciences)

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