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Junipero Serra & Sloat

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This is a nicely groomed green space at a very busy intersection. Featuring lots of trees and bushes, if you live in the area this is a nice spot to take a walk with your family or dog; or, if you're coming home from work and stuck in traffic, pull over and take a driving break in this open space.

Sloat-Junipero Serra Open Space is owned by the Department of Public Works.


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Map of Sloat-Junipero Serra Open Space

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Photo of Sloat-Junipero Serra Open Space
Photo of Sloat-Junipero Serra Open Space
Photo of Sloat-Junipero Serra Open Space
Photo of Sloat-Junipero Serra Open Space

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Id Date Entered Park   Location Condition Status
6032 12/12/2005 Sloat-Junipero Serra Open Space Natural Area Litter/Dumping Open View

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Muni access:

K-Ingleside, M-Ocean View, 17-Parkmerced or 23-Monterey -- West Portal/Sloat/St. Francis Circle stop; the park is diagonally across.

28-19th Avenue -- 19th Ave. and Sloat; walk east along Sloat one block. The park is on the east side of Cranleigh, and at the major intersection of Sloat, St. Francis, West Portal, Portola and Junipero Serra.

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